Explore India in all of its vibrancy. Visit bustling urban centers, quiet rural villages & ancient religious sites. This is a 10-day educational tour guided by seasoned professionals. Visit the iconic Taj Mahal!


Experience Israel, one of the most ancient centers of civilization in the world. Venture into the desert to learn about the links between sustainability & conflict resolution on this 14-day educational tour. Explore Jerusalem, too!


Venture to the deep South and the mountains of Appalachia to see what Tennesseans are doing to make a better and more sustainable future for their communities and for the wider world on this 8-day educational tour.

Educational Tours

Rē facilitates programs where individuals and communities take action in order to make meaningful change locally and globally. At the Regenerative School, we transform ourselves, our knowledge, our work, and our aspirations into resources for the common good and fulfilling our responsibilities as global citizens.