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Welcome to
the Regenerative School!

Catalyzing transformative learning to build
a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

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Rē works through education, research and civic engagement activities to foster regenerative processes which add to the abundance and resilience of ecological, social and economic communities.

Felix and Ashlei did a masterful job of leading two Town Hall meetings on identifying ways to improve our local community.Their expertise in this type of work is boundless!

— Jon L., Fayetteville, TN

RēImagine Everything

Rē is the Regenerative School.

At Rē we are exploring and further defining a new paradigm of regenerative knowledge and practice that goes beyond development, that sees beyond sustainability.  Sustainable development asks how can we minimize our collective harm to the planet.

The regenerative approach asks how do we as a species make our planet better by being here: how do we design practices and systems that add to the health and abundance of the environment and our communities?

Finding those answers is the mission and curricular focus of Rē.

The world needs change, but how to get there is unclear. We will have to learn together.

It’s time. Rēimagine everything.