Nature & Belonging

 June 6 to July 4.  Weekly livestreamed 75 minute classes.  

Most of us live a life of literal and/or spiritual rootlessness. We feel detached from the places and situations we have known all of our lives. We are migrants in our own cities and towns. We experience alienation and loneliness.

This course – using exercises connect to the five-senses– will enable you to overcome these feelings and teach you to really know your location, your place, the site of daily experiences. By looking at their hometowns and villages with a different perspective, participants will learn how to sense a place and connect with it, how to become part of where they live and recognize the significance of this unique location in their lives.

This course is the perfect match for those who:

• Want to understand the meaning of the place they live in

• Seek to advance their knowledge of their immediate surroundings

• Need to connect deeply with the place they live in

• Search to identify the place in the world where they truly belong

This course is facilitated by Maya Galimidi, along with a special interview with Juliet Egesa.


Class dates: June 6, 13, 20, 27 and July 4.

Class timings: Livestreamed classes begin at 12pm/noon Eastern US time. 

Sessions will be recorded for participants who cannot participate synchronously. 

Class length: Approx 75 min per class, with 2 hours of exercises each week between classes

Registration fee: 15 USD (includes all 5 sessions)

Standard Registration

$15 Total

Registration + $25 Donation

$40 Total

Registration + $50 Donation

$65 Total

Registration + $75 Donation

$90 Total