Rē offers transformative courses from world class leaders on climate change, somatics, ecology, peace building, and social justice. 

The Regenerative School brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table... from organization to education, their leadership has helped our community work together to move forward. I am happy to teach and learn with Re School as a course leader.
—Maya Galimidi, Founder, Empower with Nature

ReMembering the Origins of Climate Change

“The opposite of to remember isn’t to forget, it’s to dis-member,” according to author Parker Palmer. Theologian and researcher Sara Jolena Walcott, founder of Sequoia Samanvaya, applies this framework to our fragmented, short-sighted understanding of climate change. In ReMembering the Origins of Climate Change, a new, three-part course, Sara traces the roots of climate change back 500 years to its roots in colonialism, racism, and church doctrine. Along the way we will delve into our own family histories to make sense of the deep story of how we have arrived at today’s climate crisis and how we can instead choose to build a more regenerative future. 

Nature and Belonging

Our three part Nature and Belonging series is back! With the transformative knowledge of Empower with Nature‘s Maya Galimidi, we will ground and re-build connection to place. We will explore diverse concepts and use phenomenological techniques to engage our senses and heighten our levels of observation. Through a deepened understanding of ecopsychology and the “ecological self” we will reconnect to place and purpose. Consider this class a personal invitation to ROOT: within yourself, and wherever you are.

Banner photo: Roger Castelló, 2022